BLM Promulgates Regulations and A Lawsuit Is Filed

Bureau_Land_Mgmt[1]The Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management has released federal regulations regarding hydraulic fracturing on federal lands.  Here are some of the highlights of the regulations, which go into effect in approximately 60 days:

  • Chemical Disclosure Requirements:   Within 30 days of completed operations, companies are required to disclose the additives used for frac fluids.  Companies are to use FracFocus as the vehicle for those disclosures.  If the additives contain trade secrets and therefore they should not to be disclosed, a process, including an affidavit, is to be followed for submission to the BLM.
  • Geological data:  Companies are required to provide information to the BLM regarding the wellbore geology.
  • Well casings standards:  The casing and cementing shall follow “best practices” in the industry.
  • Monitoring:  Well casings are to be monitored throughout the process.

Immediately following the announcement of the new rules, a lawsuit was filed challenging the federal regulations.  We will monitor the  lawsuit here.


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