North Carolina Becomes the 22nd State to Permit Hydraulic Fracturing

Unknown-1North Carolina’s governor signed into law the Energy Modernization Act, which  lifts the moritorium on fracking.  North Carolina becomes the 22nd state to permit fracking.  It is predicted that shale gas exploration will begin in 2015.  Permits will be fast-tracked.  North Carolina officials and others debate the total amount of shale gas in North Carolina.   At least one academic has stated, however, that the Sanford sub-basin provides the best opportunity to extract natural gas from the state.

Some predict, on the other hand, that shale gas exploration in North Carolina may not gain any traction because of natural gas pipelines being constructed into the state.  In other words, North Carolina will be inundated with inexpensive natural gas which, some argue, will reduce interest in exploration.





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