Dimock Battle Heats Up: Sanctions Sought Against Attorneys Assisting Pro Se Fracking Plaintiffs

While most of the dozens of property and personal injury plaintiffs in the Dimock cases settled their cases against energy companies last year, one holdout has decided to continue their alleged groundwater claims pro se.

According to a recent report, however, the decision to continue  pro se may land Plaintiffs in some early hot water.  According to the defendants, the pro se plaintiffs were not entirely proceeding pro se, but instead accepted free legal help from two environmental attorneys, one of whom was apparently associated with the same plaintiff’s firm involved in the prior  Dimock cases that ultimately settled.   The defendants argue that the attorneys ghost-wrote numerous papers for the pro se plaintiffs which were filed with the Court, including opposition papers to a motion to dismiss.  As to the pro se plaintiffs, defendants ask the Court to strike all prior papers, a ruling which, if granted, could severely damage their case.

As to the attorneys who did not enter an appearance on behalf of the pro se plaintiffs, the defendants seek sanctions.   The two attorneys apparently admit performing some work, such as researching and writing , they argue that such help did not violate any rules.


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