North Carolina Environmental Study Finds That Fracking Can Be Done Safely

We can now add North Carolina to the ever-growing list of states that have performed extensive studies to the potential environmental impact for fracking within the state and concluded that it can be done safely.  The a draft report from the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Recourses recommended a series of 20 regulations and recommendations that, if implemented, would significantly reduce any risk of environmental risks associated with fracking.  The proposed recommendations include, among other things, chemical disclosures from fracking fluid, improving well construction standards, emergency preparedness and responses to well blowouts and other issues, and liability issues to the extent there is environmental contamination.  At the same time that the draft report was released, North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue made a trip to Pennsylvanai to meet with Pennsylvania regulators and energy companies to review the process in that state.  The final report will be sent to North Carolina’s legislature on May 1, 2012.

Click here for a copy of North Carolina’s study and executive study.



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