EPA Limits Findings in Report To Exclude Marcellus Shale

At a recent House of Representatives Subcommittee hearing, Environmental Protection Agency officials limited its prior draft report regarding claimed linkage between certain chemicals used in fracking and groundwater in Pavillion, Wyoming.  The prior draft report had heavily criticized by the energy industry and, at the same time, it was the source of ammunition for anti-fracking groups trying to prevent the practice.

At the contentious hearing (the movie maker of Gasland was arrested), the EPA released hundreds of documents from its study and otherwise defended the study.  Notably, however, the EPA was careful to limit its report to the geological formation at issue and, as a result,  the report should not be interpreted to include other formations, such as the Marcellus.

Congressional Hearing on EPA Fracking Research in Pavillion

Lawmakers Fault EPA in Fracking Hearing Delayed by Arrest

EPA – Pavillion Site Documents



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