New Rules In Ohio Address Seismic Monitoring At Drill Sites

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has released strict new guidelines for monitoring seismic activity at drill sites in the state. The new rules come as state officials publically acknowledge the “probable” connection between drilling operations and a series of small earthquakes that shook northeast portions of the state last month. Previous studies have found connections between the underground injection of fracking wastewater and tremors, but this latest study marks the first time that drilling operations have been linked to earthquakes in the state.

The new ODNR rules will require companies to install seismic monitors before beginning to drill within three miles of a known fault or in an area that has experienced seismic activity greater than a 2.0 magnitude. If seismic monitors detect a quake of 1.0 or more, regulators will suspend fracking and investigate whether drilling is connected to the quake. Ohio already has regulations against the disposal of fracking wastewater in certain counties where seismic activity has been a problem in the past. Since 2012 no wastewater has been injected underground within a five mile radius of a well in Youngstown after a series of earthquakes rocked the area in 2011.

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